end yes, it's true. As of 2010-11-01 shiftcontrol is closed, done, complete. End-of-file.
It has been some amazing years, thank you all.
[Jørgen Skogmo now operates base.io, Patrik has joined Molamil and Marcin is now with CIID]
shiftcontrol was founded by Jørgen Skogmo and Patrik Svensson in copenhagen, 2006.
With a background in interaction design, focused on algorithm controlled animation, sensor driven interactive installations, web applications, broadcast applications and digital design, shiftcontrol applies a united process of design and development to its clients and users.
In 2008 Simon Løvind joined as associate partner, bringing experience from media-art, academia and game developement.

shiftcontrol has already taken on projects for The Times, Carlsberg, ZDF, Al Aan, BBC, DR, JDS, Danish TV2, PRADA, OMA, AMO, Kontrapunkt and VW.

shiftcontrol works tightly with the team behind Unity - our preferred platform for exploring next generation interactive media, and Markus Schaefer/Hosoya Schaefer Architects - our preferred partner for exploring next generation concepts.

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Featured project Helsignør Kulturværft Interactive Identity
  News  iF Award 110318
shiftcontrol, in collaboration with HosoyaSchaefer, Unity Studios and ZDF have won Gold in the iF Awards 2011 for our game "Unknown Universe".

Serious Game Award 110317
shiftcontrol, in collaboration with HosoyaSchaefer, Unity Studios and ZDF have won Bronze in the Serious Games Awards 2011 for our game "Unknown Universe".

Unite 10 100102
shiftcontrol and obscura will produce the A/V for Unity Technologies' annual developer conference - for the third time :-)
Join us in Montreal for the best mood there is 10-12 november

Statoil Headquarters 100701
shiftcontrol was shortlisted, and got 2nd place, in an international selection of designers managed by Norwegian design heavy-weight SDG
Task: To design the digital brand envelope for headquarter visitors.
Update: Art+Com got it, congratulations.

Carlsberg Visitor Center 100604
In collaboration with JDS and NR2154 shiftcontrol has won the the contract to rebrand the Carlsberg Visitor Centre and Museum, update the reception area and redesign the shop.

Mobiglobe 4.0 100620
The data-visualization Mobiglobe installation (with HHMS for VW/Autostad) has been updated. The new component complements the current research on Context by introducing the topic of Futures, scoped to Transportation, Cities, Lifestyle and Resources. The 24 screen interactive installation is co-narrated by a 6 projection movie.

Helsingør Kulturværft 100520
Work on the visual and interactive identity for Helsingør Kulturværft has begun!
Update: Marcin's work with Cinder reached the frontpage of AreativeApplications.net

Election'10 - Graphs 100506
Looking at the Google Analaytics Dashboard of our site for the British General Elections 2010. Amazing! After rising steadily for the entire night and following morning, we reached almost 300.000 visits in these 24 hours. And almost 6.000.000 pageviews for the last month! Yay!

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soundfields landscapes

Election 10

Butterfly Malmø Stadsbibliotek

Lyden af

COP15 motion logo
unite09 Unity Developer Conference

CO2 Power Play Arcade game

Route Planning Game The Climate Box

Nørreport station Architectural Design Competition

Robodays interactive wall
ZDF Evening news

KuratorTool Online Virtual Curation

PRADA WaistDown Exhibiting skirtness
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Patrik Svensson Founding Partner
Jørgen Skogmo, Founding Partner, Shiftcontrol
Jørgen Skogmo Founding Partner
Simon Løvind, Associated Partner, Shiftcontrol
Simon Løvind Associated Partner
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