CIID Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
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[080304] Ever since CIID started up in Copenhagen in 2006, we have wanted to work with them - they're amazing.

Implemented as a K2 based WordPress theme, the delicious corporate identity designed by 1508 was transformed into a interactive logo forming a natural and engaging envelope in which CIID will present it's thinking, inspiration and information to the world.

Conceptually, shiftcontrol's take on the provided 2D logo (used for their static designs and print line) evolves around two centers, representing "the sender" and "the reader" with characteristic lines binding the two together.
To work in the digital realm, we let the 2nd center follow the mouse around on the screen - creating the conceptual notion that the interactive communication is more open to dialog and follows a user-centered and user-generated expression rather than a pre-thought (visual) argument.

Technically we implemented this using the HTML5 (draft) Canvas capabilities of the browser (with fallbacks to SWF, PHP/GD generated PNGs and finally a simple GIF) providing a unobtrusive integration with the end user's platform.

Here is a live version, using a random amount of lines - the version on the website comes with a WP Options tool to control the intensity on both the frontpage and the content pages.

Information architecture wise, the site consists of 3 main sections corresponding to the structure of CIID itself: Education, Research and Consultancy, and for the frontpage we designed a bold layout to provide quick access to these, on the same time highlighting the latest news about the focused section in a smooth flashy way - but again utilizing javascript and the awesome performance of modern browsers instead of relying on a plugin.

The process was amazing - as it seems to be the case with everything CIID.
The site went public just before the Service design Symposium providing a white slate onto which CIID can build their online presence over the coming many years.

For further info, please contact partner Jørgen Skogmo, +45 2325 4997,