Stock Photo Gallery Photographer web tool
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[070101] A tool for automatic creation of advanced web galleries with zero administration. The tool is targeted at pro photographers in need to present stock photos for potential clients.

This tool simply looks into a file server with photos and creates a search- and browseable web gallery based on your photos and their EXIF data.

The workflow for the photographer is extremely easy:
1) Edit and save photos in the photo editing and management software of choise (Apple Aperture, Photoshop, Capture One, or similar).
2) Make some coffee...

Behind the scenes the software automatically looks into your file server and copies your raw og jpeg images to a web server. It then generates thumbnails and web sized images and EXIF data is analyzed and keywords, licensing info, photographer name, dates, etc are extracted. An finally a web gallery of the images is generated.

End-user features include


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