PublicService07 Realtime visualizations
festival  audio_reactive  unity  generative  realtime  identity  character  l-system  procedural_animation  exhibition 

[070820] shiftcontrol have developed a realtime generated interactive universe of computer graphics to be projected onto two full walls in Studio5 during this years Public Service Festival.

The content is both audio-reactive and interactive, attempting a 'marriage between reactive graphics and gameplay', allowing the audience to influence the overall visual qualities of the room they are in, inviting to a dialog with the musician.

"We built two Arcadegame-style controllers for the floor, a custom signal processing application that unites the input from the audience and the musician, and a range of content scenes arranged in pairs - one for each wall - that renders user and music responsive content in two point-of-views. Together this forms a dynamic envelope for the musicians and audience to immerse in" says Jørgen Skogmo, founding partner of shiftcontrol.

Images from the event - photographed by Thomas Svensson, Piotr Bromblik, Patrik Svensson, Casper Heijkenskjold and Mads Crone Köser.

Screengrabs from a few of the scenes. Click a thumb below to play video.

One of the scenes in context at Studio 6 in DR Byen.

For more info on this project, please contact founding partner Jørgen Skogmo, +45 23 25 49 97,