Viral marketing USB key experiment
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[070808] Currently, the USB Stick is our media of choice when delivering digital assets like installers, source code or documentation to our clients. When Industrial designer Rikard Zetterlund joined us for a summer internship we asked him to take a look at how this delivery platform could be enhanced, and how the 'shiftcontrol way of things' would look like in physical form.

The first idea was "The client should not need to wait for the 'wow-effect' untill he opens the files on his computer".

The USB stick as platform embodies reuse
"When delivering on a static media like a CD, DVD or Paper, the client will likely archive the deliverable, whereas the USB stick can be reused and can continue to live afterwards - reincarnated as your clients personal storage media. This way, the client becomes a PR person for your company" says Rikard Zetterlund.

It's all about that extra twist
This study investigates ways of extending the simple geometric language of the shiftcontrol logo into a 3D form, slightly stretched or bent - adding character and personality while keeping the communication straight. Some pop out when you lift the lid, others rest on a pad like jewelry. Others feel like sand washed stone, others as rubber.

Photography by Troels Hoe in our office.

For more info on this project, please contact founding partner Jørgen Skogmo, +45 23 25 49 97,