TV 2 Sporten Smart broadcast graphics
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[061204] Shiftcontrol redesigning all live in-game sports graphics for TV2. The project, that started in the spring of 2006, includes an overall redesign of the live information graphics and implementation in Viz[RT].

Based on a simple concept of modular blocks, each piece of on-screen information generates a space for itself by, if necessary, rearranging other blocks that are already present on the screen. The motion of blocks as they are displayed serves as a focus change towards any new information that is introduced on the screen without interfering with the live feed.

The design has been kept minimalist and desaturated in order to work with video feeds of all types and colors. Besides black and white, a range of signal colors are used for special events such as penalties. The overall screen layout has was created to work independent of screen aspect ratio and can be used with both 4:3 and 16:9.

Implemented in Viz[RT], handball, badminton and ice-hockey broadcasted in Denmark now benefits from a new graphics package developed by shiftcontrol and long-time graphics wizard Espen Moe.

For more info on this project, please contact founding partner Patrik Svensson, +45 29 80 00 95,